Flat Feet



The diagnosis of flat feet can include fallen arches or pronation of the feet. Flat feet is a normal condition and does not normally cause pain or require treatment. The condition results from a looseness of the tendons holding the joints together. This condition tends to be most prevalent in children and toddlers. If the problem persists past late childhood, it is advised to contact a doctor. 


As previously mentioned, most cases do not cause pain or connected conditions. Children may experience mild pain or discomfort in the foot, ankle, or lower leg. In adults, symptoms include weak and tired feet after excessive periods of time standing.


Flat feet are common in children of a young age as well as overweight adults. Other causes may include disease, injury, pregnancy, and physical abnormalities.



Possible treatments

Flat feet are often treated with a custom orthotic. In addition, physiotherapy and Theralaser therapy is a common treatment for this condition.