Sports Medicine



Sports medicine is host to a broad spectrum of treatment options. In comparison to our other services sports medicine is one of the most conservative. Within sports medicine there is taping, contrast therapy, stretching, and physiotherapy. A combination of different type of sports medicine is often a very effective treatment against some of our most common conditions.


Due to how broad sports medicine is there are many conditions it can treat. Common conditions sports medicine is effective against can be found in the list below.

How it works

Taping – Taping works the same way an orthotic does. It helps by locking the foot in a specified position designed to ease symptoms caused by a condition.

Contrast Therapy Contrast therapy is a mix between icing and heating an inflamed area of the body. Icing helps to reduce inflammation by reducing blood flow to the area. Heating helps to accelerate healing by bringing more blood and nutrients into the affected area. The mix of using both warm and cold therapy provides a good balance of healing and inflammation reduction.

Stretching – Stretching can help to loosen-up tight tendons and muscles. By performing stretches mobility and circulation can be improved therefore reducing pain.

Physiotherapy – Physiotherapy involves practicing many different exercises that are designed to help with your condition. These exercises can involve stretching, and or weights. For more information on how this can help with your condition, speak to a physiotherapist.