In your feet, you have extensor tendons. Extensor tendons are the tendons in your feet that run down the front of your legs through the top of your foot allowing it to move.  If you lift up your toes you can feel the tendons along the top of your foot with your hand. There is often very little padding between the tendons and the skin. This makes them vulnerable to injuries. Tendonitis is the most common injury that affects tendons.


Tendonitis is often classified as stabbing pain on the top of the foot in the middle. This condition is usually only found in one foot but can sometimes occur in both. Pain may increase in intensity if the tendons are continuously used. Tendonitis can cause the tendon to weaken. This may affect your ability to use your toes.


Often, tendonitis is caused by rubbing from shoes that are too tight or laced up too tight. It also may be caused by overuse of the tendons. Certain repetitive exercises can put stress on the tendons.



Possible treatments

Tendonitis is fairly common and is usually easily treated. Simply letting the tendons rest can be effective. Below are some possible treatments for tendonitis.