Heel Pain



Heel pain, also known as plantar fasciitis, is inflammation and pain in the tissues that run along the arch of your foot. These ligaments are responsible for connecting your heel bones to your toes. These tissues aid in the stabilization of the arch during the various gaits.  


Plantar fasciitis is associated with heel-pain first thing in the morning and when standing up after a long period of being seated. Heel pain may escalate as the day goes on and can be severe when walking up stairs. 


Heel pain can be the result of many factors. Both high arches and flat feet can lead to the stress on these ligaments. As well, feet that roll too far inwards when walking may also contribute. If you're obese, have a tight Achilles tendon, and or run extensively on hard surfaces such as asphalt you are at a greater risk of developing plantar fasciitis.



Possible treatments

Often, a topical cream is prescribed for heel pain regardless of the age of the condition. We also usually prescribe orthotics to stabilize the foot structure in order to reduce the micro tearing of the ligaments. If the heel pain is within the first five weeks, Theralaser treatment may be prescribed. For more severe cases, cortisone, shockwave therapy, and prolotherapy is advised.