If you had difficulties seeing would you use eye glasses? Like eye glasses, orthotics are a medical device used for correction. Orthotics are often prescribed to people with foot pain. Foot pain typically comes from having poor bone structure. Wearing orthotics helps to re-align the bones of the foot removing unnecessary stress on joints and bones.


There are many indicators that would imply the need for orthotics. This is because orthotics can treat a wide variety of conditions. For orthotics, our most common indicators are listed below.

Orthotics are our most succesful long-term treatment

How it works

Most people have poor alignment of the bones in their feet. Unfortunately, it's just the way the cookie crumbles. However, there are devices that can help to re-align the bones of the foot. Orthotics are one of those devices. An orthotic supports the foot by providing structure underneath the areas where it's needed. Providing support to a foot keeps it in biomechanical neutral. Biomechanical neutral means to have bones that are in proper alignment. A foot in biomechanical neutral is typically far less prone to common foot conditions. Every foot is unique meaning no orthotic should be identical. That's the reason why all of our orthotics that we produce are custom made for each patient. Regardless of your foot conditions, having orthotics are a good idea as they can act as a defensive measure against future problems.

With our 3D laser scanner we take a scan of your foot
Your scans get sent to Kiwi Orthotic Labs in British Colombia
We give you your orthotics two weeks later