Skin Conditions



The most common skin conditions treated in our offices are corns and calluses. We also do toenail maintenance, referred to as cutting and scraping. A callus is the buildup of thick skin in an area resulting from repeated rubbing or constant pressure. A corn is the core of the callus. The most common location of corns and calluses are the ball of the foot, under the big toe, and the tips of the toes. Cutting and scraping involves toenail trimming and smoothing out the bottom of the foot.


Corns and calluses on the feet are identified by a thick patch of hard skin on the foot surrounding a small bump with a central core. As well, expect a sensation of pain when applying pressure to the affected area.


Corns and calluses are the result of repeated friction in a specific area of the foot. When the skin tissue dies, it develops a thick outer layer. Soft corns are the result of a sweat build up inside of the callus. 



Possible treatments

Our most common treatment for corns and calluses is to change the biomechanics of the patient with an orthotic to take away pressure from the corn and or callus. The symptoms are relieved through debridement and, depending on the depth of the corn, chemical treatments.