Plantar Warts



Nearly everyone will contract a plantar wart at some point in their lives. They attack the skin on the bottom of a foot. These warts are caused by types of HPV and are fairly common. Often the HPV grows and is found in places that are warm and moist. For instance, the tile at a waterpark could host the HPV that causes warts.


Plantar warts are often identified as small patches of thick skin. Sometimes the wart can look yellow or will have (a) black spot(s) in the centre. These patches are typically very painful and it is usually difficult to walk on them.


Plantar warts are caused by coming into direct contact with the HPV virus. When the HPV virus is contracted it infects the top layer of the skin. Once infected the skin surrounding will grow very quickly. This causes a wart to form.



Possible treatments

Warts sometimes self-resolve in a short amount of time. However, other times warts can be quite persistent. Usually often use a Canthacur to treat persistent warts. Canthacur is a blistering agent that will cause the wart to lift out of the skin. The treatment requires weekly visits to debride the skin as the Canthacur lifts the wart out. We've found this treatment to be far more effective than freezing.