Injection Therapy



We offer several different streams of injection therapy to primarily deal with inflammation. At Axis Foot and Ankle Clinic we use a combination of cortisone injections and prolotherapy to best meet the needs of our patients. Cortisone injections are the traditional way to reduce inflammation without the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. Unfortunately, cortisone injections can have long-term side effects. Prolotherapy however has next to no potential long-term side effects but it does require multiple injections, which can be painful. 


Often we use injection therapy to treat conditions that involve painful inflammation. Some conditions that typically have painful inflammation are neuropathy and tendonitis.

How it works

Cortisone The human body naturally produces cortisone as it is a hormone found in the adrenal gland. Synthetic cortisone is used when dealing with injections. When administered, cortisone reduces inflammation in the targeted area by suppressing the immune system. Cortisone is often mistaken for a pain killer but it does nothing directly to reduce pain. Instead the inflammation reduced by cortisone takes pressure off surrounding nerve endings leading to a lower pain level. Due to having less inflammation joint mobility is also improved. 

Prolotherapy Prolotherapy is a fairly new form of injection therapy. It involves having multiple injections per session of a dextrose cocktail tailored to the targeted condition. Typically, prolotherapy is used to treat weakened joints or tendons. Injections made to the targeted condition create a minor controlled injury. This mild injury (re)activates the healing process and causes new tissue to build on the weakened area. New tissue strengthens the targeted area and helps to limit further damage caused by a weak joint or tendon.

After the initial consultation, injection therapy begins on the targeted area.
The targeted condition is given a few days to recover. Allowing the cells to heal.
After recovery the condition will have most likely been resolved.