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Axis Foot & Ankle Clinic - Scenic AcresWhat to Expect

At Axis Foot & Ankle Clinic, your health is our number one concern. Expect the highest quality of podiatric care, for we put patients first. Our experts are dedicated to delivering unparalleled care while preserving your quality of life. To serve you best, with the most effective and efficient treatments, questions and suggestions are always taken into careful consideration. We encourage you to come forward with any questions or concerns. To make your initial visit more enjoyable and worry-free, get to know our office by first browsing our site. For information on our staff and the warm smiles that will be greeting you in the office, visit our team page.

What Do I Need To Bring?

To ensure proper diagnosis and treatment, your first visit will entail a review of your medical history. We will inquire about previous conditions or abnormalities and even get to know your family's health history. Please bring any relevant medical records. From an MRI to x-rays, every little bit helps.

Other things to bring:

  • Insurance Card
  • Forms of Identification, such as a driver's license or passport
  • List of current medications
  • Referral Form (if applicable)
  • All online forms you have completed
  • List of questions or concerns

How Early Should I Arrive?

Arriving 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment will allow time for completing registration. There are a few new patient forms that need to be filled out prior to examination. To create a timely encounter, you can fill these out at home and bring them to your first visit. We value your time and appreciate your patience.

Please print and fill out these forms so we can expedite your first visit:

Initial evaluations of your health may take up to an hour, but each case is unique. Some appointments may take longer, some shorter. Filling out the patient forms before your visit will help reduce the time needed for registration.

What Should I Expect?

Doctor Andrew Irvine will examine your feet and ankles. During this physical examination, symptoms of foot conditions such as skin discoloration and abnormal growths will be noted. If a condition is detected, diagnostic tools may be required to further determine its severity. These diagnostic tools consist of ultrasounds, x-rays, or MRI's. These procedures give our experts a better understanding of your ailment and ensure proper treatment.

While this examination is taking place, Dr. Irvine will listen to any questions you have prepared. We believe that informed patients experience greater effectiveness in terms of both treatments and recovery.

Scheduling and Cancellations

Do you want to schedule an appointment with one of our three offices in Calgary? We've made it simple for you. Our appointments page allows you to click and schedule online. After requesting an appointment, our staff will contact you to confirm availability of your preferred date. You may also contact any of our clinics by calling (403) 477-3338.

If you've made an appointment, but wish to cancel it, please inform our office 24 hours in advance.

Axis Foot & Ankle Clinic looks forward to meeting you and working with you to ensure the healthiest lifestyle possible.

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