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By Dr. Andrew Irvine
July 01, 2014
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Orthotics help runners avoid injuryIf you are up for a great race in the heart of Calgary, get ready for the Confederation Park run, part of the 5 Peaks Trail Running Series on Saturday, July 19. Instead of using the paved path, your run will consist of crossing creeks, dodging branches, and running in the green hills. Keep in mind that orthotics for runners may help you finish the race without pain despite imbalance issues in your feet.

You inherit your foot structure and gait from your parents, and sometimes a faulty stride can end up causing foot, ankle, and knee pain. This is especially true if you overpronate, or roll your foot too far to the inside, with each step.

There are things you can try before investing the money in custom orthotics. Sometimes just being fitted properly by a pro can help you find shoes that will eliminate your issues. Physical therapy can also help correct problems with weak muscles or tight ligaments and tendons. You can even try a pair of orthotics from the pharmacy to see if they help.

When these remedies aren’t enough to get rid of your pain, custom orthotics for runners may be worth a try. They are designed to address your specific foot issues, not just provide generic cushioning or support needs, so they will be more effective at eliminating your pain.

We understand your love of running. With years of experience in fitting sports footwear and fabricating foot orthoses, we can assist you in finding solutions for your foot problems.

Contact Axis Foot & Ankle Clinic in Calgary today by calling (403) 477-3338 and setting up an appointment at our Pacific Place, Scenic Acres, or Deer Valley Medical Clinics. Look forward to “peak” performance with no valley of pain!


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